• Elantra - Electronic chrome mirror
    Electronic chrome mirror (ECM)

    Electronic chrome mirror (ECM) automatically senses and reduces light intrusion from the car behind for easier viewing.

  • Elantra - USB Charger
    USB Charger

    Recharge anytime and anywhere using the USB connector.

  • Elantra - Rear Air vents
    Rear Air vents

    Back seat passengers can easily control and adjust the amount of air flow for maximum comfort.

  • Elantra - Door Scuff Plates
    Door Scuff Plates

    Premium door scuff plates adds an extra touch of Elegance.

  • Hyundai Eantra
  • Hyundai Elantra Interiors
  • Elantra - Wheel air curtain
    Wheel air curtain

    Air twisting around the wheel area is minimized during driving to increase your mileage and driving safety.

  • Elantra - Chrome outside door handles
    Chrome outside door handles

    Chrome handles with an optimized grip highlight the fineness of the vehicle's lateral exterior design.

  • Elantra - Glass Antenna
    Glass Antenna

    Glass antenna gives premium feel to the car and aided in better radio reception.

  • Elantra - Safety Escort Lamps
    Safety Escort Lamps

    The safety escort headlamp is one feature that takes convenience to a whole new level. These headlamps stay on after switching off the ignition to guide the passenger's way.

  • Elantra - Shark Fin Antenna
    Shark Fin Antenna

    Shark fin antenna adds to the sporty appeal along with better signal connectivity.

  • Elantra - Engine start stop button
    Engine start / stop button

    With the Smart key in your pocket, handbag or briefcase, all it takes to start the engine is a press of the engine start/stop button.

  • Elantra - Auto defogging system
    Auto defogging system

    When condensation forms on the indscreen, sensors automatically activate the blowers to clear the glass and ensure optimum visibility.

  • Elantra - Rear View Camera
    Rear View Camera

    The rear view camera is another invaluable parking tool. The rear view is displayed on infotainment system, with graphic lines helping you to position the car straightly.

  • Cluster Ionzier - Elantra
    Cluster Ionzier

    Cluster ionizer generates charged ions and discharges them into cabin which help in cleaning pollutants and other particles in cabin air thus ensuring clean and fresh air.

  • Power window Controls - Elantra
    Power window Controls

    Ergonomically positioned, drive-side power window adjustment controls ensure ease of operation and maximum control to the driver.

  • Elantra - Tilt and Telescoping Steering Wheel
    Tilt & Telescoping Steering Wheel

    Steering can be manually adjusted to customize the reach and rake for the best driving position.

  • Electro Chromic Mirror - Elantra
    Electro Chromic Mirror

    Electro Chromic mirror (ECM) automatically senses and reduces light intrusion from following vehicles and reducing eye fatigue.

  • Elantra - Safety Features
  • Height adjustable seat belts - Elantra
    Height adjustable seat belts

    Seat belts are adjustable for maximum comfort. Raise or lower its height to suit you just right.

  • Elantra - Safety windows
    Safety windows

    For extra safety, sensors automatically lower the windows by 150mm upon detecting any obstructions in the frame.

  • Elantra - Impact sensing door unlock
    Impact sensing door unlock

    In case of collision, the door unlock automatically for safe and quick exit to the passengers.

  • Elantra - Steering adaptive guideline
    Steering adaptive guideline

    Rear camera parking guidelines are steering angle sensitive and curve as per the steering position to precisely guide the vehicle during complex congested parking space.

  • Elantra - 6 airbag system
    6-airbag system

    Equipped with a 6-airbag system in all the fundamental spots, Elantra ensures reliable protection of all occupants to their destinations.


Hyundai Elantra Fiery Red

Fiery Red

Hyundai Elantra Marina Blue

Marina Blue

Hyundai Elantra Phantom Black

Phantom Black

Hyundai Elantra Polar White

Polar White

Hyundai Elantra Sleek-Silver


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